Niñas Arriba college fund

Niñas Arriba is a campaign to change the world, one girl at a time.

In 2009, Gina Chavez and Jodi Granado were teaching English in El Salvador at the Maria Auxiliadora School, a Catholic institution that aims to educate the “poorest of the poor.” One day, they asked their senior class who wanted to go to college. Every hand shot up. Then they asked who was planning to attend college. Every hand dropped…

Even for eager students, prospects in El Salvador are bleak. Niñas Arriba aims to rectify this situation bit by bit—girl by girl. Education is the key to social mobility. Your donation directly funds a private college education for a young woman in a gang-dominated suburb in El Salvador,  as well as internships after graduation.

Our first four Niñas Arriba graduates -- Xiomara, Marta, Vanesa and Rosmery -- have laid the path that their peers and will pull the country forward with their leadership and innovation in El Salvador’s education, business and non-profit sectors. One girl at a time, Niñas Arriba is leveling the playing field for young women in El Salvador. Every girl makes a difference. Every dollar helps.